Episode #52 – Why Do I Need Facebook
Likes Anyway?

Let’s talk about whether or not you REALLY need Facebook Likes to grow your business.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a client tell me that they are growing their Facebook Likes but have no idea why they are doing it. Does that sound familiar? Have you had the same thought?

Let’s talk about the real question that is on everyone’s mind about Facebook Likes, “How do I convert a Facebook Like into a paying client?”

That’s a really great question [First Name], and here’s my answer…. Facebook Likes are just the first step in a multi-step marketing sales funnel that results in paying clients.

Yes it’s true… If you set up your sales funnel correctly you will watch your Facebook fans flow into your email list and then convert into sales. The best part is, you can set this up to occur on autopilot.

This is just one of several conversion topics l will be covering in my upcoming program releasing next month. If you want to know more about my new program definitely get your name on the Early Bird sign up list by –>>CLICKING HERE <<–.

So spend the next few minutes with me watching this week’s episode of KarenPattock.TV as I take you behind my computer screen to talk about Facebook Likes and how to use Facebook analytics to know if you’re meeting your goals.





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