Episode #76 – The Latest Trend In Online

Newsletters and 5 Tips To Stay Current

It’s official! The protocol for email newsletters that get opened and consumed by your list has changed and you need to know what’s going on immediately.

So here’s the deal. We have become a society that connects more and more via our mobile devices than anywhere else.

As an online marketer that creates weekly or bi-weekly newsletters as a way of building trust and rapport with your list, it’s your job to always give your followers what they want.

This also includes how you format your information.

It has become evident that traditional newsletter templates that use fancy graphics and colorful grid-like layouts don’t view well from a smartphone.

Why? Because the template shrinks down so small to stay true to the original format it makes it virtually impossible to read on the tiny screen of many mobile devices.

In today’s brand new episode of KarenPattock.TV we are going to dive into this topic and how you can stay current with the changing trends for online newsletters and email marketing.

Grab your pen & paper and together let’s into today’s video where I’ll share 5 proven strategies you can apply today to make your email newsletter the talk of the town.






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