It inevitably happens… almost on a daily basis, I see posts on social media from coaches and consultants asking other coaches and consultants what their pricing strategy is to price programs & services.

Each time that happens I just cringe because that type of “group pricing strategy”, also known as crowdsourcing, can lead to very dangerous territory for you as a business owner.

I recently put together a 7-day money mindset challenge and while it was running the participants were pouring out their thoughts and resistance around money. Wow! Was that eye opening.

It seems that every single one of us has some type of preconceived belief around money.

Good or bad… we own it. So unless we train ourselves to think differently about our own personal limiting beliefs, we can be holding ourselves back from success on multiple levels.

Now, just imagine yourself asking a group of people with limiting beliefs and mindset issues around money what you should charge for your new program.

Ahhhh…. probably not the best action plan, right?

So today, I’m sharing 5 key steps to a pricing strategy for your programs and services that will actually make sales.

There is no time to waste on this one… grab your pen & notepad and together let’s get the scoop on program pricing!





Karen Pattock

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