About Karen Pattock

Karen is a Certified Health Coach and Mentor with a track record of 7 successful companies in 20 years. She uses her expertise and proven step-by-step systems to help health-centered entrepreneurs thrive in building their businesses.

Karen Pattock - Business Coaching for Holistic Health PracticesKaren takes the guesswork out of building your business. She offers tools that show you how to create a strong foundation for your business and grow at a pace that fits your lifestyle. She makes marketing and building your business easy and fun all while implementing a component of accountability that keeps you on track. Her easy to implement programs provide the tools that you need to successfully market your health practice. When marketed appropriately, clients will find you rather than you finding the clients. More importantly, marketing will be made easy so you can spend your time doing what you love – working with your clients.

As a Certified Health Coach, accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, she understands exactly what it takes to build a profitable health related business. She combines her health certifications, expertise and degrees in Accounting and Business Management to give you the ultimate coaching experience. With her help you will be able to create multiple streams of income and apply the “one-to-many” model to your business. Through these modalities you will be able to work less and earn more.

Karen is a no-nonsense mentor that breaks down seemingly complicated marketing processes into easy to implement, step-by-step procedures for Entrepreneurs in the Health & Wellness industry. She has been featured on Women’s Marketing Network, which is a network dedicated to helping women learn how to market their businesses effectively and professionally.

Make-a-Difference-Make-a-LivingKaren’s business, Make A Difference Make A Living, helps the average business owner market their business and grow an online presence, which in today’s world of social media and online connection is critical. Her programs are designed especially for people in the health industry and are known to be easy to understand and easy to implement.

Karen and Michael PattockKaren married Michael Pattock 14 years ago in a romantic sunset ceremony on a gorgeous beach in Maui, Hawaii. He is truly her soul mate and they share a very deep connection that transcends words.

She has two grown children, Carrie and Alex, two grown step-children, Amanda and Adam, and two adorable kitties named Bailey & Hemingway. She counts her blessings every day and truly loves her life and everyone in it.